Awareness Week
Becoming totally aware by becoming totally oblivious…



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November 14, 1990

Know all persons by these presents that:

1. The organization "Awareness Week" is formed as of March 1, 1990.

2. The purpose of Awareness Week is to allow its Crewmembers to become "totally aware by becoming totally oblivious" generally by annually providing berths aboard chartered yachts for one week cruises (hereinafter called Cruises).

3. Awareness Week is not organized for profit and is therefore held to be a Section 501.c.7 organization exempt from federal, state and local income taxes.

4. Crewmembers of Awareness Week are those persons who have contributed consideration to Awareness Week for a berth aboard a Cruise. Membership becomes effective upon the date the consideration is contributed. Membership terminates upon the first day of the Cruise succeeding that Cruise for which the consideration is contributed.

5. There are no officers of Awareness Week; all Crewmembers of Awareness Week have equal standing within the organization. All decisions made and actions of Awareness Week are by the consensus of its Crewmembers. As a matter of convenience, Awareness Week may authorize a person or persons to make decisions and act in its behalf to such extent as it deems appropriate.

6. By consensus of its Crewmembers, Awareness Week has authorized Gary J. Golden to execute these presents and to certify their validity by his signature below.


Gary J. Golden

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